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Internet Traffic Formula Review

As one of the most appreciated internet marketing strategies in the world, Empower Network needed some improvement. This is how new features such as Blog Beast and Internet Traffic Formula (formally Power Traffic X) appeared.

The creator of this program is Vick Stizheus. Vick is known for lots of other successful internet marketing programs such as Big Idea Mastermind and High Traffic Academy. He is aware of all the ins and outs of online trafficking. Internet Traffic Formula is a total game changer for the affiliate marketing space.

Having someone like Vick conducting the way you are making money online can only bring good things. He masters each and every field of traffic generation: social media, paid and free traffic, and so on.

What Is The Internet Traffic Formula?


Every internet marketer knows traffic is what an online business needs in order to become successful and profitable. With Internet Traffic Formula, Vick is presenting all of his traffic generation secrets. More than this, the same product will teach you how to convert traffic into sales.

While traffic might be important, sales are what matter the most when it comes to money making. Vick helped Empower Network with the Big Idea Mastermind project.

What Is Included In Internet Traffic Formula

Let’s see what Internet Traffic Formula has to offer.

When it comes to structures and good functioning, Internet Traffic Formula consists of 3 parts and 12 modules. Let’s have a look over what each one of parts is all about. After this, we’ll see what is with the modules…

Part 1

      . Capture Mastery helps create proven to convert drag and drop landing pages. In other words, you will learn how to create landing pages, what content to introduce in them and also what mistakes to avoid.

Part 2. Traffic Mastery containing 12 modules about which we will talk about later

Part 3. Conversion Mastery is about converting traffic into leads and leads into sales.

Now that we have established what all the parts are all about, let’s have a look over each and every module of Part 2:

Module 1

      – Media Traffic X presents you the advanced strategies “big boys: of the industry use in order to open the floodgates of residual traffic. You will be able to leave and take a vacation. The program will take care of your traffic.

Module 2 – The OPL Method is also known as the Other Peoples List. It teaches you how to convince others to promote your website and send you the traffic they are making.

Module 3 – Traffic Agencies shows you how to take care and conduct more than 50,000 visitors a day to any of the sites you want. You will learn how to get as little as 100 clicks or even 100,000 clicks in a day from real buyers.

Module 4 – Penny Traffic will allow you to get traffic for only a penny’s value for visitor. It seems this module contains the most actual and up to date strategy ever seen.

Module 5 – PPC Traffic allows you to tap into the awesome underground PPC sources.

Module 6 – Mobile Traffic is the biggest fuzz at the moment due to the fact that mobile technology is absolutely essential when it comes to online money making.

Module 7 – Facebook Traffic X presents you how the elite internet marketers make more than $20,000 a day using Facebook.

Module 8 – Social Media Traffic shows you how to build the business from ground zero, using just the social media features. It is a module especially created for those who don’t have too much money to launch their internet marketing careers.

Module 9 – Video Traffic shows marketers how to structure and create a video. More than this, it also provides acting advice and it teaches you how to address people in order to catch their attention.

Module 10 – CPA Traffic Secrets presents how to leverage the power of CPA networks. In this situation, you will no longer have to pay per click, but per opt-ins.

Module 11 – Traffic Amplifier will present you how to gain more visitors. You will be taught how to turn 1 visitor into 10 without too much work or additional spending.

Module 12 – Traffic Intelligence uncovers new traffic sources for you. This way, you will never have to worry about depending on somebody else’s traffic.

Empower Network Internet Traffic Formula

Internet Traffic Formula is one great way to start your Empower Network career. Online money making is a great income source for those who either don’t want to work a nine to five job, or they have been fired from their previous working places.

Many of the internet marketers out there have managed to ensure their every-day living by owning an online business. While others make enough to pay their monthly bills, some become very successful and rich.

Don’t think Internet Traffic Formula will not require you to work and invest time or efforts in the endeavors that will generate you a steady income. Just like any other online businesses out there, Empower Network Internet Traffic Formula runs on how internet marketers run their business.

internet traffic formula business

Internet Traffic Formula For Your Business

Internet Traffic Formula is highly effective and easily manageable. It can be used by anyone, even by those who don’t know what internet marketing is all about. The Internet Traffic Formula training package offers you every piece of information on how to build the business and make it a success.

Everyone with a computer and an internet connection can benefit from what Internet Traffic Formula has to teach them. The program can help you make money while using it. Don’t think that you will need to finish the course in order to make money faster. You can learn along the way.

Obtaining traffic is one of the most difficult things an internet marketer can achieve. If you are ready to learn what Internet Traffic Formula has to teach you in its parts and its 12 modules, start digging the information. Get to know elite marketers closely and learn from them how generating traffic works. Online money making has never been easier than today. Improve your life and get to make money faster and easier.



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